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Jonathan Logan Inc.

Jonathan Logan is an American fashion label begun by David Schwartz in 1944, which by 1960 was the largest ready to wear company in U.S.A and was sold in Department stores across the country.

After the austerity of the Second World War womens clothing design sought a return to femininity, availability and affordability. David Schwartz saw an opportunity to launch a range of clothing that would appeal to the younger Miss, which could be bought readily through department stores rather than chic boutiques.

Characteristics of the early styles of Jonathan Logan designed by Doris Varnum was the demure fitted bodice, often with a large collar and ¾ sleeves. A full skirt, usually with a matching belt, the skirt ballet length, just below the knees and flared petticoats. Gloves, handbags and medium heeled shoes were essential accessories. Patterned fabrics were popular as well as stripes.

A classic example of 1950s Jonathan Logan style with 3/4 length sleeves, floral print and a fitted cumberbund waist. Still available here. Halcyon Days Vintage collection

 In the late 1950s designer Jeanne Carr joined the brand and new styles such as the A-line shift with coloured zips were introduced. Next Jonathan Logan Inc. diversified into different labels to cover different parts of the womenswear market such as knitwear and, in 1982, a sportswear label, which was sold through their first mass-merchandised chain store- Kmart.

This era marked big changes for the company and in September 1982 it closed down its only U.S.A. mill and focused on specific lines, including their other labels Butte Knit, Modern Juniors, Villager Industries, Etienne Aigner, Bill Blass
swimwear, Misty Harbor (rainwear) and R&K Originals. With the challenges of changing markets and new technology the company was sold to different owners who sadly sold the company off in pieces and filed for bankruptcy in 1990 with the last Jonathan Logan pieces being sold off in the next four years.

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Jonathan Logan 1953. Thanks to myvintagevogue on Flickr CCBY-NC 2.0

Jonathan Logan 1960. Thanks to myvintagevogue on Flickr CCBY-NC 2.0