About Us

Halcyon Days Vintage is the result of many years of collecting, researching, driving, flying, 2am alarms, winning, losing, hunting, exhilaration and love, all for objects of virtu to inspire us and to nurture back to life.

We found it difficult to find pre-1980s apparel in New Zealand, so with a growing collection of vintage and antique clothing and a passion for sharing our knowledge, Halcyon Days Vintage was created. Our foundations lie in a passion for fashion history, to appreciate the knowledge of the past and add our voice to the movement away from ‘fast fashion.’

Our goal is to source, rejuvenate and promote classic forms and fabrics from the 19th century to the 1970s, find loving homes for these special garments, let them be worn and cared for and hopefully reduce our impact on the environment while doing so.

Welcome to Halcyon Days Vintage, purveyors of antique and vintage 
clothing, a venture into the delights of eras past.

Michael and Georgia of Halcyon Days Vintage enjoying their own vintage in the countryside.