1960s Springtime Green Hat by Carol Brent


Add a pop of springtime freshness with this delightful pale green wide brim hat from the 1960s. Made out of two textures of woven raffia by Carol Brent and finished with a pretty corded ribbon in a slightly darker shade. The raffia is quite strong and the hat body holds itself up while the rim is wired and can be adjusted. This piece showcases the fun textures and bright colours popular in the 1960s.

Carol Brent was a house brand from Montgomery Ward, which was a USA mail order company. Montgomery Ward was widely successful from its opening in 1872 through to the 1970s when shopping became more accessible to suburban living and they went bankrupt in 1997.

Measurements (lying flat):

Inner width/diameter 18cm

Hat band circumference 55cm

Height 10cm

Brim width/diameter 36cm

Brim circumference 114cm

Label: Carol Brent

Provenance: Sourced from USA

Condition: Excellent- there are several small marks and a couple of pin holes around the inner hat band